dispenser RAZOR avsedd för brukslösningar vid stödning


the Rapidly Acting Zero Omission Remediator

RAZOR™ is a novel patented general dispenser adapted for the handling of all water-based cleaning agents used in daily surface cleaning in large indoor areas, such as offices, schools, and hospitals. It provides, automatically and on-demand, the desired ready-to-use cleaning agent to the Facility Manager, just prior to use.

Advantageous features of RAZOR™ include:

  • A cost reduction for the Facility Manager. Having RAZOR™ to locally produce ready-to-use cleaning agents is not only more convenient, but also more cost effective as compared to the traditional purchasing and handling of bottled cleaning agents.

  •  A high degree of flexibility in the choice of type and manufacturer of the cleaning agents used. RAZOR™ is designed to use any type concentrate and is not bound to any particular manufacturer. Even though Ockham Technologies AB could give expert advice of relevance for the specific application, the final choice is up to the client.   

  • A minimized risk for exposure to hazardous concentrates. When employing a RAZOR™ for providing a diluted ready-to-use cleaning agent, the user never has to handle any of the corresponding concentrates.

  • A precise and accurate dilution of the ready-to-use cleaning agent. During preparation, RAZOR™ carefully weighs the corresponding concentrate as well as the diluting water, in accordance with the formers manufacturing instructions. Hence, an optimal cleaning result is made possible while minimizing the amount of potentially environmentally harmful surface-active chemicals and additives.

  • A minimized need to store, handle and transport cleaning agents, ready-to-use as well as related concentrates. RAZOR™ is periodically charged with internally stored concentrates by Ockham Technologies AB, as part of the regular service. It is connected to a regular tap-water outlet, which serves as the source of water needed to dilute the internally stored concentrates. Hence, the water comprised in the final ready-to-use cleaning agent is brought to the site of use through existing pipes, rather than by road transport by trucks (which is the common case when pre-diluted cleaning agents are provided by the manufacturer).

  • A substantially longer shelf-life of the cleaning agent produced, as compared to the common procedure of manually diluting a concentrate with tap-water. Any leftovers of cleaning agents may thus be stored and used at a much later occasion, instead of having to be wasted.

  • A possibility to keep a rolling log over all consumed cleaning agents over time. Such a log enables tracking of, for example, peak use and environmental impact.

We plan to make a limited release of RAZOR™ on the open market during the second half of 2023. Should your organization find RAZOR™ of operational interest, please don’t hesitate to send us a mail, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.